Website Design & Development

Making the core of your online presence as interesting as your brand

Website is the core of your online presence, something like your corporate office in the offline world. All roads online must lead your target audience to your website, especially so if it is an e-commerce website. Your website is the face of your brand in the virtual world so you need to make sure that it does justice to your brand. An agency that understands your business well and has the right website designing skills while having a sound technological understanding of website development is an ideal partner for designing and developing your website.

Make it mobile friendly

Did you know that about 85% of the online users are surfing the internet on their mobile phones now? The information is hardly surprising as mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. So it goes without saying that your website must be compatible with and give the mobile users a positive experience on their mobile phones. This is only possible if you build a responsive website, meaning compatible with mobile interfaces.

Research focused approach

Researching, referencing and benchmarking isan integral part of the website design process. Irrespective of the industry, product or service that you are promoting, it is recommended that you benchmark your website against the best in the category, and then beat it so your website becomes the new benchmark. The content strategy for your website should align with your brand voice and follow your brand strategy and branding guidelines. The WordPress platform, the most popular website development framework, adds a lot of flexibility, customizability and speed to the development process.

The HCF Click

We at HCF work with an aim of designing websites that are ‘functional benchmarks’ in the specific industry. The composite ‘functional benchmark’ is critical here. For instance, an extremely jazzy website that evokes a ‘wow’ can be a benchmark but if it takes a long time to load because of heavy animation and programming then it hinders the user experience and becomes non-functional. The HCF Click assures you of a responsive website that is a functional benchmark, with content that is aligned with your strategic business objectives.

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