Packaging Design

The art of getting your product in the mindspace of your customers.

Steve Jobs once famously said, “Packaging can be theater, it can create a story.” Just as clothes make the man, packaging makes the product. Before your customers can experience the brilliance of your products, what lures them is the packaging design. A great pack can help your product take flight even before the customers set their eyes on the product. But a product that does not improve upon the packaging experience of the customers crash-lands that much quicker. Ironic as it may sound, a great pack design for a mediocre product causes the product to fail faster.

A blend of art and science

Packaging design is a fine blend of art and science. The innate understanding of visual aesthetics, the natural grasp of the colour palette and the finesse of product placement are some of the elements of art. Market study, referencing, retail shelf analysis, fitting the statutory components without compromising the breathing space are some components of the science of product packaging design. The right agency is a great blend of both.

A pack is worth a thousand words

Packaging Design communicates with the customers, non verbally. One glance at it, and the customer unconsciously puts the pack in a category, be it premium or economy. Visual profiling works as seamlessly with packs as it does with humans. Understanding your target segment well, helps you design packs that draw the right TG towards it. Missing that fit could be catastrophic. A good agency never misses this fit.

Give your pack a character

If you are asked to imagine your brand or your product as a celebrity, who would it be? Would it be a movie star or a sports star, is it a serious or a fun product, what is its personality? There is a chance that when you ask yourself these questions, you may end up identifying something interesting about your brand or product that can take your packaging design a notch higher. Whenever a good agency finds a brand that allows them to create this space, it grabs the opportunity with both hands. Try it, it’s fun.

The HCF magic wand

When we redesigned Kajal Organic Henna pack, it increased their sales by over 100% without any additional marketing. How? Customers simply started picking it up from the shelf because the packaging design enhanced its aspirational value and made it look like a quality product.

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