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We are associated with Hetarsh since inception and with Amit Parikh since Adani Wilmar started selling packed oil. Amit designed FORTUNE as we see it today. He has very good insights on pack design, colour selection on different printing materials and an eye for precision and detailing. Now he has expanded to full service agency. Our first job on Alife Soap is an example. We recommend him for such creative job.

Angshu Mallick

COO, Adani Wilmar Ltd.

It has been wonderful and blissful journey so far. Amit Parikh is like Lord Krishna for us, showing us the way to succeed in the highly competitive agarbatti industry. Thanks to his strategic vision, Kalpana has been a leader in introducing innovative creative concepts like launching collections and standee pouches, which have been a pioneering revolution for the industry. One sentence sums up our relation, “I would rather walk with Team HCF in the dark than alone in the light.”

Raju Shah

Founder, Kalpana Agarbatti

For almost 10 years now, HCF has played a key role in helping brand Real Namkeen grow. Their first assignment was to design our 400 gm stand up pouch. Amit not only designed it but also played a major role in food styling, food photography, touch up, etc. Whether it is strategic advertising, marketing campaigns, or package design, HCF has exceeded our expectations. Amit’s knowledge in printing is outstanding and he never shies away from going the extra mile for us.

Dhurjati Vaishnav

CEO Marketing, Laxmi Snacks Private Limited (Real Namkeen))

Our association with HCF goes back to over 10 years. Team HCF understands our brand very well, which is reflected in the marketing strategy, creative advertising, packaging design and brand enhancement forVasant Masala. Their significant strategic contribution is key to our own substantial growth in the last decade.

Chandrakant Bhandari

CMD, Vasant Masala

Team HCF not only coined the name ‘Cravon’ for the chocolate bar but also developed and executed the launch strategy and followed it up with marketing campaigns that helped us grow the brand. The pack design is so beautiful that customers feel that Cravon is an international brand and can’t believe that it’s a Rajkot based company. We look forward to getting such support from HCF in the future and I’m sure we would be associated with them for a long time.

Jagdish Tarapada

Director, Cravon

If you are a business owner accompanied by a good product and struggling to establish your mark in the marketplace, HCF will help your good product look great.

HCF, with its insight into numerous aspects of branding, marketing, and packaging, has set apart our brand Premchand Dhanadal from the competition. Their strategic contribution has been pivotal in giving us the edge over our competitors.

Amit’s ability to accommodate differing views of the stakeholders in the creative deliverables is amazing, and goes a long way in respectfully delivering creative satisfaction.

Rakesh Patel

Director, Bhagat Dhanadal Corporation

HCF showed us the real power of packaging. After they redesigned our organic Henna packs, we experienced a whopping 100% growth almost immediately. Not only that; riding on the wave of new package design, we entered Rajasthan, MP and Maharashtra, in addition to pre-existing Gujarat.

We give total credit to the HCF’s effective packaging design because we achieved all this without doing anything radically different in terms of marketing our product. We realized that customers suddenly started picking our packs from the retailer’s stack.

Vikas Jain

Director, Kajal